THis is a continuation of this thread:

After some work I brought this page down to the bare table cells.

<table width = "100%" border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "0" cols = "3" rows = "2">
        <td width="132" bgcolor = "blue" height = "100" colspan = "1">&nbsp;</td>
        <td bgcolor = "green" colspan = "1">&nbsp;</td>
        <td width="17" bgcolor = "pink" colspan = "1">&nbsp;</td>
        <td width = "132" valign="top" align = "center" bgcolor = "black" height = "300" colspan = "1">&nbsp;</td>
		<td valign="top" colspan = "2" bgcolor = "purple">&nbsp;</td>
Now I see no reason why this should not display correctly, however when viewed in NS 4.5 the top left column is twice its predefined width (132 to 264) and also the top right column is twice its predefined width (17 to 34).

It seems to me to just be a netscape bug. However while messing around with it it did start to work. Yet as I cleaned away code it reverted back to not working and I was unable to reproduce my results (damnit coding should not be so scientific with trial and error).

Anyways. Copy that code, make a page, and test it for yourself.

(ps be sure to but non-breaking spaces (& n b s p) in each table cell for NS to display them at all)