I have a problem I'm hoping to find a simple solution for.


Here goes:

I run a large website that has 2 frames around the body;
a left frame and a footer frame. Whenever a person searches for our website using a keyword on a search engine (such as Yahoo or Google) sometimes they are given the link to one of our body pages that when clicked on, takes them to the body of that page, but with NO FRAMES.

This presents a dilemma at which I have been doing script searches for everywhere. I found one javascript that was way too large (our pages would probably take another 5 seconds to load, just because of the script! No can do my friends) and it required you to change this to this and that to that.

In the advanced day and age we live in, I'd be pretty surprised if there wasn't something easier that I could just paste in the html of the bodies of these pages that wasn't a mile long and didn't require 30 hours of editing to make it work.

In a nutshell, I need a script that will check to see if the frames are loaded & IF NOT, load them! That's it! But it also has to recognize that if they ARE LOADED, then don't be stupid, and load ANOTHER frameset as well.

Someone got the answer, this would be most appreciated

Thanx all,


P.S. If you want to take a look at the site to get the idea of what I'm up against the URL is: http://www.findri.com

And yes, I realise there are no META Tags, reason being?
This very problem I'm dealing with.