I've managed to get the following code to do 99% of what I want it to:

SELECT tbl3.col1, tbl3.col11, tbl3.col2, tbl3.col3, tbl3.col4, tbl3.col5, tbl3.col6, tbl3.col7, tbl3.col8, tbl3.col13
FROM tbl3
WHERE ((tbl3.col13 = 1) AND ((tbl3.col11 = colcheck) AND (tbl3.col2 LIKE '%colname%' AND tbl3.col6 LIKE '%colcity%' AND tbl3.col7 LIKE '%colstate%' AND tbl3.col4 LIKE '%coladdress%' AND tbl3.col8 LIKE '%colzip%')))
ORDER BY tbl3.col2 ASC

It for an advanced search form. col13 is set manually in the code, col11 is a radio button, and the rest of the fields are optional. It's for finding contacts in a table. I have colname which is the company name, but also a want to check it against col3 (not only col2). Same with coladdress, I'd like to check it against col5 (not only col4). Does anyone know how to accomplish this?