I'm a new user of PHP and Unix, already making progress in a very short time and astonished
at how totally cool it all is. As always when I learn new stuff I'm jumping in to the deep end-
or at least it seems like the deep end to me.

Basically what I want to do is allow people who have the right to log onto the unix machine to
be able to logon to my website with thier unix usernames and passwords and then change their
passwords on the site.

What I'm thinking is of using PAM to authenticate the users, but I'm not sure how to access or call
PAM using php; or even what to call. What should I be looking for? Where do I start? I'm
not at all averse to figuring out how to tie things together myself, but it would be nice to hear
what to do and what not to do from experienced folks who've done it--things to watch out for etc...