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    A key?!!

    they even have their own key on the keyboard!!
    Ah... so that's what it's for... I begin to see the point about users not knowing how to open a new window...

    Nah, just kidding. Then again, I was talking to a good friend of mine about a certain site about our shared hobby, and the discussion went something like this:

    He: what's with the site lately? I can't see all the way down, and I miss the link to the forum! It's not even taking up the whole screen!

    Me: Oh? What browser do you use? Internet Explorer?

    He: *sheepish look*

    Me: Is there a light blue "e" in there somewhere?

    He: *recognition* Yep!

    Me: Ah, Internet Explorer. Isn't the window maximized, then?

    He: *sheepish look*

    Another friend: Does it look like this? *shows non-maximized window with IE*

    He: Right! that's it! Why does it do that?!!

    We: Oh well, couldn't tell, it does that sometimes; simply hit the button left of the "X" and you're safe.

    He: Oh, alright.

    So, maybe not all users get it straight away, but he, too, will learn. Eventually.

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    The best one I've experienced is when I was setting my mum's friend up with a PC. I plugged it all in and she was so excited to get on it, she picked the mouse up and started moving it around in the air. She turned to me and said "Why isn't that arrow thingy moving? I'm moving the mouse!"...... I took the mouse off her, rested it on the desk and said "The mouse can't fly... it's only got feet. Keep it on something." LOL
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