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    Question Data Disappearing

    Hi All...

    I am having a continuing problem with records in a MySQL database just disappearing... Basically we have 2 tables, one with close to 26000 business records and another that holds the business category for each of those businesses... a business can have more then one category so therefore this table holds over 26000 records...

    The thing is records keep getting deleted from the categories table for no obvious reason... It is definitely not a PHP programming issue and I just have no idea why they would be being removed...

    There doesn't seem to be any logic to the way they get removed either, its not even a record that has been edited through out the day or even viewed on the site...

    I use phpMyAdmin to administer the db, and when records start disappearing the 'Overhead' value under the Space usage display for the categories table continues to rise... So I can only assume that it has something to do with that but cannot find any detailed documentation on what this value actually is...

    I thought it may have been the indexes on the table and MySQL just freaking out when details get updated or inserted, but we have since removed the indexes and the problem continues...

    Has anyone out there ever experienced this sort of problem as I am completely out of ideas as to where these records are going...

    Please help :-)


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    let me ask you this

    if the records are really disappearing, which, if you'll pardon me, i shall doubt until i can reproduce your scenario myself, how do you know?

    i mean, what query are you running that sometimes shows them, and later doesn't?

    in all my experience with databases, going right back to the very first (and very buggy) sql engines in the 80's, no database has ever "lost" a record

    instead, it is invariably a PEBCAK situation | @rudydotca
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