Been looking around but I have been unsatisfied with the answers I found so far. I'm trying to get and idea of which browsers are being used and I just can't seem to get a consensus answer. I get wide fluctuations when it comes to estimating how many Gecko based browsers are being used and that's only when they even seem to acknowledge they exist (Netscape 5 anyone?).

Basically, here's what I am looking for (percentage of market share):

IE 6
IE 5.5
IE 5
IE 4 or <
All Gecko based browsers as a group (Netscape 6+, Mozilla, Firefox, CompuServe 7, AOL for Macintosh OS X, Galeon, Phoenix, Chimera)
NN 4.x or <
Opera 7+
Opera 6 or <
All others as a group

I've been to the all of major stat providers and they vary too much for my liking):

Personal stats are always appreciated. Just be sure to tell what kind of site it is from as that can influence the stats (geek sites will get more opera and gecko browsers).