This is not so much a question as it is a complaint. This has been bothering me for some time now and I just came across it again today.

Why do webmasters use text that enlarges when you hover over it? It is the single most annoying use of css on the net because most don't use it properly! Case in point: the menu bar for the NCAA(, and check out the first section. Oh my eyes, have you no mercy!?! It shifts the page around every time youhover over a link!


If there is anyone out there who does this, could you please explain to me why? Why?

I can see it when used in a manner that doesn't shift the page back and forth, but if it does why do you leave it this way? Why?

Doesn't this bother anyone else???

Sorry, but I have to add these smilies to fully express my sentiments on this topic: