I'm new to JavaScripting and desperately help with a script that simulates a car radio. When the power is off, the current time is shown in the main display. The clock updates itself as time goes by.

The main display shows the band (AM or FM), and the currently tuned station. The volume indicator (below the main display) is set at 3, shown as three dashes.

Pressing the AM/FM switch will change the band.

The Tune buttons increase or reduce the frequency. The lowest AM frequency is 540. The highest is 1600. The frequency changes in increments of 10. The lowest FM frequency is 88. The highest is 108. The increment is 0.1.

The volume buttons change the volume display from 1 to 10 in increments of 1. The volume is shown in the display as one dash for each volume level.

The radio remembers its settings when you turn it on and off. For example, suppose you turn the radio on, set it to FM 91.7 at a volume of 6, turn the radio off, and then turn it on again. The radio will be set to FM 91.7 at a volume of 6.

The same applies for the band. If you change the band to AM, set it to 950, change to FM, set the radio to 91.7, and change back to AM, the radio will be set back to 950 (the last frequency you had before changing bands).

If anyone knows where I can find a very similar script or wouldn't mind suggesting some ideas on how to build this script, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for your help!