Need information from the pros in the forums. I am a newbie working on a website and have been doing some research on other sites in the same genre.....poker.

Anyway, there are dozens of casinos that have online schedules of their tournaments and one site in particular has a database of these schedules...its at: http://www.pokerlistings.com/poker-tournaments

My question is: how do they get the information first (i know it can all be done manually and maybe that is what they've done) but I was wondering if there is an automated way it can be done?

Also, I would like to add the rec.gambling.poker newsgroup to my website....and I've seen one website that will sell you the service but its javascript and very slow so was wondering if there are other services out there that you know of or if there is a script that will do it for me?

Like I said, I am just starting out and have spent lots of time on hotscripts.com looking at all the scripts but I'm not experienced enough to know my options.

Any help is greatly appreciated.