I just installed MySQL on my Windows 2000 system.
I've used MySQL on my hosted site, but its has only be the normal user part, never been an administrator user. So I need as much information for beginners on MySQL for win32.
Specially how to manage the server using the GUI applications that comes with the installation.
I also plan to use phpMyAdmin for manage the database tables, because I know a little bit more on using this tool, I've used it on my site before.

I also want to know how can I create a user on MySQL. The reason for that is that I want to assimilate as much as possible as it will run on my web site (note: I'm only using my system for developing) and because I don't log in as root on my web site I wanted to create a user on my local server, so it look more similar.

Also a good beginner tutorial for MySQL for win32 will be appreciated.

If anyone would like to know the specs for what I'm using:
Windows 2000 Professional
Apache Web Sever 1.3.14
PHP 4.0.4
MySQL 3.23.32

Any help will be very appreciated