I do a lot of developing on my current job's online store (owner just started his web presence). Well, the problem i keep seeming to bump into is that i would develop the web page (mostly for IE..cause, well.. Netscape isn't all the great).
But when I view my web page on other browsers (Netscape for Linux, older versions of netscape, IE for Mac) wierd and strange things happen. Tables look wierd...sizing is off... images are all wacky!

Is there such thing as a browser emulator that can show your page as it would look like on a diff't browser? or an HTML validator? Can someone suggest something close to this?

Or will i be forced to install 15 diff't browsers so i can accomodate Joe Shmoe running an outdated version of Netscape (heh, like any version).


*long time lurker, 2nd time poster*