Hi !

I have a wacky website that gets quite a bit of traffic. So, I put an Adsense ad block at the top of the screen, and it's been generating $5-10 a day. This is pretty considering how ridiculous the page is.

However, I made a modification to the page (removed a bit of copy) and now I'm stuck with this strange problem : the Adsense ads dont display at all - only a blank square where they should be. If I remove the Flash movie, the ads show up!!!

I know that the flash file is specially programmed to only play in that particular page, and I wonder if the Javascript/scripting on the page is having some conflict. Or, it could just be a sloppy html issue? Maybe the tags used to insert the flash are wrong?

Any help appreciated !!!! The site is http://www.dotfart.com . There should be a big adsense block at the top, but there isn't.

thanks, Dave