Hi there:

I have had several users of our site: www.responsesource.com complain that they cannot see the submit button on the main form on the journalist side of the site (select "I am a journalist" when prompted)

If you have access to IE 4.5/Mac xan you take a look please? I read somewhere that there are some issues with IE4.5/Mac when rendering CSS shorthand but I changed the code some time ago yet people are still complaining

The CSS class for all input buttons on the site is:
 font-family:	 arial,verdana,sans-serif;
 font-size:	  12px;
 font-weight:	 bold;
 border-width:	 1px;
 border-style:	 solid;
 border-color:	 #666;
 padding:	  0px;
 background-color:	#FFF;
HTML Code:
<div align="right"><input type="submit" name="rsquery_preview" class="input-button" value="Preview &amp; Submit" /></div>
If anyone could give me any pointers as to how to fix this I'd be much obliged