Hi all!

I want to devise a simple form which will insert data into my database. However I'm experiencing problems connecting to the database. I fill in the various fields in the form and hit the submit button, however when I check that the data has actually been inserted into the database I find that nothing has been inserted at all.

Below is the script which produces the form.

Could somebody tell me whether there are any errors within the script?

The name of the database is 'Music_groups'
The name of the table 'groups'

<TITLE>Music Group admission script</TITLE>


if ($submit == "submit") {

mysql_query("INSERT INTO groups SET
Category='$Category, Group_name='$Group_name', Contact_name='$Contact_name',
Address='$Address', City='$City', Telephone='$Telephone', E_mail='$E_mail',

echo("Thanks for your submission!");




<form action="Submitmusic_groups.php" method="post">
Category : <input type="text" Category="Category">
Group_name : <input type="text" Group_name="Group_name">
Contact_name : <input type="text" Contact_name="Contact_name">
Address : <textarea Address="Address"></textarea>
City : <input type="text" City="City">
Telephone : <input type="text" Telephone="Telephone">
E_mail : <input type="text" E_mail="E_mail">
Information : <textarea Information="Information"></textarea>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"



Thanx very much,