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    permission problems?

    Hi. I'm having a problem on a virtual hosting account.
    I posted the problem on my host's support forums, but I figured in the meantime
    maybe one of you folks would know what might be causing this problem.

    If I run some code from an older file, it works, if I try to put the same code in a new file, it doesn't work. I've set the permissions to 0777, with a umask of 000. I've even tried creating the file with a PHP script, and then chmod it to 0777 with a umask of 000, both within the script that creates the file. But I can't get this code to run anywhere but the original file! It just seems to hang.(It's trying to run code from PEAR, BTW)
    Some of the PHP files are being required/included from another directory, but they
    are the same files that the original file(the one that works) uses.
    I really can't see a reason why the code would work ok from an older file, but not a newer one.

    I think they have done some upgrades of the servers, but I'm not sure what.
    Could this be some sort of ownership issue?


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    Yeah, sounds like a CHOWN ownership problem... Although saying that if you as the user is able to chmod it 0777. Also try setting umask to 002 as opposed to 000


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