Hi all,

I've got a problem with my shared Apache server (hosted by Host Europe). Quite a few scripts I tried to install recently (Movable Type, Article Manager, a vote/poll script) all need folders permissions set to 777 for scripts to work, but my web host won't allow it. It seems to relate particularly to PHP files. Here's the reply from their support:

As it is currently setup no php file can work under the permissions being set to 777 - and they do not need to. Setting files to 777 is viewed as being insecure and so we set the server so that no file needs to be run as 777 and 755 will work fine. setting to 644 is also fine. Basically php files just need to be readable by the server, user and group so technically they could work at 444 (although not advisable).

If the scripts sets files / folder permissions to 777 there must be a way of stopping this as 755 works fine and would be able to preform all the same actions on our servers as 777 - with added security.

Here also is the email I received from one software vendor's support about the problem, after checking out my server:

It appears for some reason, your web hosting provider's set up the server so that php scripts only run when the directory the php file's in is chmod 755 and the file itself is chmod 644. Of course this is a real issue since in order for Article Manager to publish content, your /publish folder must be chmod 777, but doing so prevents php scripts from working.

So basically, I need to find a way of allowing those scripts to work, with the restraints of my server. I seem to remember with Movable Type I had to set HTMLPerms to something (?) but I can't remember.

Can anyone help?! Is there anything i can set to allow these scripts to work, bearing in mind they need folders to be set to 777? I can manually CHMOD them but as soon as the script writes to the server again they're reset again.

Thanks very much in advance.