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    Patterns Tutorial Series (part 1): RBAC Domain Model

    For our first collaborative effort it has been suggested by several users that we implement a Role-Based Access Control system using Design Patterns and Best Practices. There is an official ANSI spec for Role-Based Access Control here:


    I think we should start with the domain model and then move onto the data model (database design) which will include a mapping between the two. Once we have a solid Domain Model and Data Model we can start talking about whether we want a service layer, what the application layer would look like, and finally the presentation layer. I think that making a service layer would be nice enhancement because then we could have a Web-based presentation layer and build some Web services on top as well. I think we could purposefully start out simple and go through some refactoring to illustrate how that process fits into the picture.

    So, let's start with the domain model.



    Here is the progress that has been made so far:

    We started off by looking at the NIST RBAC specification. Realizing that the spec was way too large for our purposes, we decided to focus on the core RBAC. We removed the concept of sessions and concentrated on the relationship between Users, Roles, and Permissions. It was proposed that we have a User class but ultimately we decided that the scope of a user class would be too large. Instead, we would have a Authorizer class which returned a set of permissions. The set of permissions would be inspected to determine whether or not a user had permission to do a particular operation. An interface and some test cases were created and we are now at the point where we will begin to flesh out the classes and indentify patterns that will be used in the implementation.
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