Is there a way to programmatically quiet the click sound that is made when a webpage does a postback. (ie whenever a user clicks the submit button you will here a quiet click sound).

Our clients have other applications that are sound automated as well so this sound has become a problem, especially since our application uses a setTimeout function that fires a postback every 2 seconds (So you could imagine what this sounds like).

Currently I know how to manually go into windows and set the clicking sound to nothing (Which stops the clicking sound):

*control panel
*sounds and audio device properties
*Go to the topic for (window explorer) and set ths start navigation.wav to none

But I need for this to be done programmatically. If anyone knows how to do this programmatically, or has an idea of how to do this programmatically please respond.

If you have a great recommendation on a resourceful site that can help with this please leave a url. Thank you very much.

Thanks again,