I have a strange problem when sending a form to the server.
Here is my form element:
<form name="browsing" method="get">
  <select name="itemsPerPage" onChange="changeItemsPerPage()">
    <option value="10" <?php if ($itemsPerPage == 10) { ?> selected <?php } ?>>10</option>
    <option value="25" <?php if ($itemsPerPage == 25) { ?> selected <?php } ?>>25</option> 	
    <option value="50" <?php if ($itemsPerPage == 50) { ?> selected <?php } ?>>50</option>
Here is my javascript function:
function changeItemsPerPage() {
  var form = document.forms[0];
  var itemsPerPage = form.itemsPerPage.value;
  form.action = "browsing.php?page=<?php print $currentPage ?>&itemsPerPage=" + itemsPerPage + "&numItems=<?php print $totalNumItems ?>";
Notice how I marked the page parameter in red just to emphasize that it is being sent to the server.
However, in the server side, that parameter is gone!
If I check:
PHP Code:
if (isset($_GET[page])) { ... } 
I get a false answer!!!

Does anyone know how the parameter was lost?