I am wanting to write a script to controll the background-position on an element. I don't think I have a problem selecting the element.
  document.getElementById('navigation').style.backgroundPosition = "0px 40px";
Just for example, obviously in the final i would like it to more the image at like 1px/.25sec or something.

Anyway my problem is that I can't get the background to move. Will I just have to make it into an image in a div with overflow hiddent and make controlls to scroll the div? I have never really done this before as I usually hate those little controlls

Its really just a little thing for users to play around with as the navigation block features a really long background to accomodate large rez so it would be nice to be ale to scroll around and see it all. Don't worry its only 55Kb.

so being able to dynamically alter the background position would be awsome. This probally wont work well in ie will it, heh.