I am trying to get the bubbling tutorial working, but to no avail, the javascript I have is:

          function doRollover( e )
              // Obtain a reference to the lowest element
              var o = ( document.all ) ? event.srcElement : e.target;
              // If the element is not what we want, quit the function
              if ( o.nodeName != 'IMG' ) return;
              // Perform rollover
              o.className = ( o.className == 'overClass' ) ? 'outClass' : 'overClass';
and the following html:

HTML Code:
  		<div class="block" id="navblock">
  			<div class="navcontainer">
 			 	<div class="navitems"onmouseover="doRollover()" onmouseout="doRollover()"><a href="/"><img src="/gfx/nav/navhome_off.gif" id="navhome" /></a><a
 			 	href="/newmedia"><img src="/gfx/nav/navnewmedia_off.gif" id="navnewmedia" /></a><a
 			 	href="/folio"><img src="/gfx/nav/navfolio_off.gif" id="navfolio" /></a><a
 			 	href="/contact"><img src="/gfx/nav/navcontact_off.gif" id="navcontact" /></a><a
 			 	href="/about"><img src="/gfx/nav/navabout_off.gif" id="navabout" /></a><a
 		 	href="/webservices"><img src="/gfx/nav/navwebservices_off.gif" id="navwebservices" /></a><a
 		 	href="/resume"><img src="/gfx/nav/navresume_off.gif" id="navresume" /></a><img
 			 	src="/gfx/nav/navblank.gif" id="navblank" /><br style="clear:both" /></div>
That is taken pretty much straight from the tutorial code. Is the function doRollover not expecting a value to be passed to it?! I'm trying to just get an image rollover in the minimum amount of code.