Hey all,

So I've been battling (warring, actually) with myself over making the Big Switch—from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I've fiddled with the latter for days on end, but have relied solely on Internet Explorer for "serious" browsing.

Maybe it's time to change.

Here's my argument: the only benefit that Firefox has over Internet Explorer for me is aesthetics on certain Web sites (SitePoint, arguably, mezzoblue, SimpleBits), but it has several functional failings, notably ActiveX for Windows and Office Update.

I've considered using Firefox for 99.9% of my browsing and Internet Explorer for my weekly visits to Windows and Office Update. That's what I'm considering now.

So here's my challenge: convince to make that switch. Convince me to drop Internet Explorer with the exception of the maintenance mentioned above. Convince me to use Firefox as my primary browser.

If you convince me, everyone who posted will be congratulated and thanked. I would give out rep to all who post, but rep is disabled in GC.

Oh, and by the way... I'm going to play devil's advocate in response to replies, so be ready.

So... start convincing!