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    Got tab graphic, but what about links?

    I've created 5 different tabbed grahics, each for Home, Products, Services, Forum and Contact. The graphic shows all tabs at once, so the entire bar loads at the same time.

    In Dreamweaver, I have templates and put an editable region where the tab graphic goes.

    Now I need to have these tabs actually work! Do I put a hotspot over each? Do I have to do it manually for all these tabs on my 60 page site? Or can I do, for example, the Products tab and then copy and paste to all the pages showing this Products tab?

    Help! How do you do it?



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    If this navigation is on every page on your site in the same format then it should be added to the main template and then will be automatically applied throughout the site.

    If you make sure the links are all active and working from the template then just update all the pages that use the template.

    If on the other hand you have different navs for the highlighted section of each menu, which means you only want certain pages to have the navigation then you can copy and paste to the relavent pages (assuming that link destinations will be the same for each unless you have them in different directories etc.)

    If your nav is a graphic then you will either have to split it individually to make each graphic a link or use an image map (which is probably the same as a dw hotspot ( but I can't remember for sure)).

    Image maps aren't a good way to do the nav on your site and are not much used these days. (I would re-think your method if possible.) They are not very accessible (or usable as there are no visual clues) and if images are turned off their will be no navigation.

    You would be better with 5 single images which can be linked in the normal way and will allow you to do hover effects if you wish.

    It sounds like you should have planned this before you did the 60 pages, unless of course you are changing an existing site .

    Hope that makes sense.



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