I am rebuilding http://www.justice.govt.nz/maorilandcourt/ in HTML/CSS without the Javascript and images for text. The funtionality has to be the same and the look too (as much as possible). The problem I have is that in IE, the text is not changing when I hover over the links (It is meant to change from the English to Maori, and it works in Firefox and Opera). Any help appreciated.

HTML snippet

 <div id="faq">
  <a href="faq.htm">
   <img src="images/buttong.gif" width="26" height="25" alt="FAQ">
   <span class="en">FAQ</span>&nbsp;<span class="mi">Rarangi Patai</span>

a span.en, a:hover span.mi {
 display: inline;
a:hover span.en, a span.mi {
 display: none;