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    phpBB is great, and this is an excellent, consise tutorial on how to get it up and running in no time. Kudos to Sitepoint for putting this together.

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Very nice !

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    Robert Fenerty
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    The article is useful, but it lacks many critical details. For example, suggest where the phpBB files should be placed (/var/www/phpBB2), mention that the tarball will create this directory, use tar xvzf <filename> since I doubt many users are actually ftping all of the specific files.

    On the plus side, I would not have gotten my forum working without the help of this article, and I really appreciate the time the author took to write it.

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    Yes, there are some things lacking in specifics, but it's easy enough to understand for people who don't know any php at all (myself for example). If I can get this up and running, that has to say something good about the article. And really, if you have any questions that are just bothering you like crazy, ask the author! Simple, isn't it?

    Thanks to this article, my visitors will have somewhere to communicate with myself or with fellow members. Many thanks again.

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    i dont have any web design knowledge or anything like that, i just want to use phpbb forum, please explain verry simply how to set it up, i dont understand any of the steps here.

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Very helpfull. This guide helped me through the instasllation process on my own webserver. Works slightly different then meantioned above. Didnt know that i had to make an SQL database specially for this forum. As i didnt had any experience at all about SQL/Forums i tried and tried and thought in a logical way ... made a SQL database with the name of my forum and it works.

    In my case only the SQL explanation was missing, for the rest GREAT HELP!

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    good stuff.

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    SitePoint Community Guest

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    Nice tutorial ,this could be very much helpful to my installation.

    Thankz for this help....

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Very cool stuff :)

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Pls help.
    After Start installation, I am told that The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the database type that you chose.
    What should I do ?

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    speak to your hosting provider

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    i dont know why i always encounter such a problem: "Could not locate valid language pack"

    Please someone help me what the hell is wrong with it.


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    SitePoint Community Guest
    very helpful!

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    Rob Roberts
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    How do I find an administrator of a phpBB Forum
    that will delete abscene members from a forum? I cannot find the administrator or any that will help.

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    SitePoint Community Guest

    Normaly you going to the memberlist of that forum en the first user (u 2) is the adminsitrator.
    You can advisdem to read the following topics:

    So the kan blocking the spammers with some kind of Modifications ;)


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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Thanks for this, i'm going to make a forum soon...

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    I always get the error:

    phpBB: Critical Error

    Could not connect to database.

    I checked all my info and everythings alright. What's wrong then? Please reply if anyone can!
    sea_munkey AT hotmail DOT com

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    another phpbb user
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    You can also run <a href="">phpBB/Apache/Windows</a>.

    These days though, phpBB seems to have too many security issues. I would switch to SMF, but their licensing terms are too restrictive. Open-source, free, but you may not redistribute.

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    i dont get this part....

    There will be no Configure Command available when PHP is run on a Windows platform, so we'll take a slightly different approach to confirm database support here. Again viewing the info.php file, choose Find from your browser's menu options and search for your database type.

    For instance, if we searched for mssql to confirm support for MS SQL Server, we should see something similar to the text below:

    In the same way, you can test for PostgreSQL using the search string pgsql, for MySQL using mysql, and for ODBC support using odbc.

    Use the info.php file to determine which version of the database you have. You'll need to know this when we begin the installation, and, with database and PHP support confirmed, we can now begin that process.

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    this is poor, go to for an easyer guide

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    Great! Worked Fine, thanks :D

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    have you got and fourm stuff....
    so i dont have to start from scrach?
    if you have e-mail me at:

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    uuh.. build? you only build programming languages, not browser based languages... =_=

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    SitePoint Community Guest
    anonym, phpBB isn't a language, its forum software :)


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