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    Question Allow One User Agent to access CGI-BIN


    I dont have access to the server conf file so...

    Using .htaccess how can I deny access to a perl script in the cgi-bin from all user agents including user agents that are unknown but accept from a user agent with a CustomWord in the user agent string.

    Like: "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; CustomWord)"

    Keeping in mind that the CustomWord is the one I want to identify and allow, every other user agent without this word or with no useragent at all will get a banned page.

    I hope this makes sence.
    I tried with a cgi snippet but it doesnt work very well.
    I read about the mod_access, but I dont beleive my host allows it. So is their a rewritecondition rule I can use.
    How would it be written and will the .htaccess file be in the cgi-bin or the root.

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    in my opinion you can't do that with .htaccess but you could by using httpd.conf

    The reason is because usually /cgi-bin/ is set as a ScriptAlias within httpd.conf so when you access
    Apache won't check your document root, where index.html is stored and where .htaccess can be read, but it will go directly into the cgi-bin directory of your server.
    The cgi-bin directory of your server is usually outside your document root,
    and usually you cannot put .htaccess there.

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule etc etc

    if you try to access
    the above .htaccess *won't* be read by Apache

    if you try to access
    the above .htaccess *will* be read by Apache

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