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    Help? Problems with CSS - dropdowns, footer, etc.

    Looking for help fixing several things with this page:

    The problems:
    1. The footer is supposed to hug the bottom of the browser. Instead it floats in the middle of the page unless there is content to push it down. I am trying to get this method to work: the footer is inside another div so that may be the problem?

    2. The drop down menu from "about us" does not drop in IE Mac or Opera Mac. Works fine in Safari and Firefox. I am trying to use the Suckefish method:

    3. Content and centered bg do not line up in Opera Mac?

    4. Not a biggie, but is there a way to set width of li to somthing other than a fixed for the top nav links the text has an equal amount of distance between words? Right now each word has 80px regardless of the length of the word making some words appear closer to each other than others.

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    I don't have a mac so I can't help with most of these problems (sorry).

    The footer problem seems to be the fact that you have wrapped the footer in the div called #wrap. Try putting the footer outside the #wrap style. You could also reduce the size of your copywrite style as it seems a bit large for the content.

    The list could be placed using margins or padding instead of a fixed width but you'd have to play with it until it looks ok.

    I think the format of the bottom menu actually looks neater (I know its not in a list though).

    Have a look on the list apart comments on the article to see whether there's any prolems with the dropdowns in ie5 mac. Otherwise try the dropdown on a page by itself with no other content interfering to see if it actually works.

    Sorry I can't offer any concrete advice



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