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    Hey Gang,

    I'd like to implement my own directory on my site, and if any of you have any feedback on the best way to do this that would be great.

    Here is what it needs to do:

    Ability to add keywords
    Site Title and Short Description
    No site listed unless administrator approved
    Multiple Categories and SubCategories

    Kinda like Yahoo..

    I will be putting this on a Win2000 server, so I'd prefer to use ASP (not Perl), but just about anything that works well will do.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
    Editor, J.K. Bowman

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    You might want to check out the "Links" program at , it's in Perl and I don't think you can add keywords, but just about everything else you mentioned is possible. uses that program to hold together it's directory (at least the last time I visited). You can also search Webmaster Lane for some more directory scripts. (I'm not associated with WebmasterLane, but I have use it several times, so I know)


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