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    I run a gaming site and am beginning to drive in a good amount of visitors. With free email in the works, a pretty good forum going, and several volunteers about to launch sub-sections of the site for serious content, I am ready to start throwing advertisments and whatnot onto it.

    My hopes of getting rich arent high obviously, but paying for the hosting would be nice. (and anything extra is always welcome =)

    I had thought of using CPM but am not sure. I am also looking to sign up with some game related online stores to sell inventory for a percentage of the sale.

    Can someone knowledgable in the advertising field give me some advice as to where to turn for advertisment serving?

    Tips and tricks on what and where to place the specific banners, links, and whatnot on my site would be greatly appreciated also.

    Thank you so much for your help.
    And I look forward to viewing your reply


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    How much traffic do you get? You need at least 10,000 uniques and a domain name to ever consider selling advertising, which I'm sure you have. Read Matt's excellent article here:

    Don't expect to easily find CPM advertising on your forums due to the fact that forums generally produce low CTR's in comparison to the actual site and newsletters.

    Your best two choices for selling advertising are on a CPM basis and a per-time basis. The per-time basis would be the advertiser pays a flat fee upfront for the space. If you don't generate hundreds of thousands of impressions, but have enough to sell advertising, this is a good solution.

    Several ad companies are:

    Good luck!


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