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Thread: Is PHP ugly?

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    Is PHP ugly?

    (Extracted from: Are PHP apps fundamentally data-driven? )

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasmus Lerdorf
    PHP is not about purity in CS principles or architecture, it is about solving the ugly web problem with an admittedly ugly, but extremely functional and convenient solution. If you are looking for purity you are in the wrong boat. Get out now before you get hit by a wet cat!
    The real issue is not "how ugly is the programming language?", but "how ugly is the code you write in that language?" PHP allows you to write beautiful or revoltingly ugly code.

    A couple of comparisons: The way object orientation has been implemented in Perl 5 is fascinating and minimalistic. It appeals to my sense of simplicity. But the resulting application code is ugly in the sense that you're forced to add stuff that shouldn't have to be there. Java is an attempt at purity, I guess, but the things you have to do just for bureaucratic reasons aren't always pretty and don't always contribute to the readability of the code.
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