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    Hi, my site is involved in promoting professional models. I was wondering if you can help me out on locating advertisers.

    Here are my average stats:

    2,300 unique a day
    10,000 pages viewed per day

    I also would like to know what are the going rates to advertise for such a site?

    I've been using commission Junction and I am not please with the revenue I am generating from their service.
    Thanks, Joe R.

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    Unfortunately, you've entered the biz at a difficult time, and most CPM-based ad networks are no longer accepting new members.

    You could try Burst! Media (whose rates seem to have rebounded slightly during the past week, Engage Media (not accepting many new sites), FastClick, ClearBlueMedia or Zonfire.

    The only agency listed above that I know is accepting new members at present is Zonfire, but they charge publishers a hefty $2000 setup fee for the use of their software.

    In this environment, Commission Junction is actually a pretty good option, but you'll see far better results from their text links than their banners.

    You could also try Mailbits' recommendation service, the various searchbox programs (such as SearchTraffic), and the CPC program offered by WebsiteSponsors. The key to success is finding the balance that's right for your site, and your visitors.

    Good luck!
    Czar - Former SitePoint Alumni

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