Well, after having installed osCommerce on one website, and parking the other 2 domains on top, I thought the mods to osCommerce would be minimal.

My concept of doing this was to check for the domain name, set some variables, and then modify any code as needed. However, it now seems because there is content not only in the database, but also in some PHP files, that the original idea needs a fresh approach.

I need to give the client the flexibility of changing any of the content (via admin) for any of the 3 domains, but if the content he changes (which goes to the db) has, for example, the company name in it, there will need to be PHP variables within the content he changes. He does know how to do the basics of html code, and has used that in the previous 'ecommerce' product, but it can be fairly 'tricky' to get the syntax correct. I can see a huge potential for parse errors.

I think I have found a good, workable solution, but I would very much appreciate it, if people can comment on anything within osC that might cause problems. Here is the new idea, I would be very grateful if any other osCommerce users can inform me if doing it this way is okay, or if there are any potential pitfalls, etc,etc.

Because the products from all 3 domains are only sold in Australia, we only ever need English on the site. Since osC has a nice feature of using languages, I thought I would:

1. Remove the 'languages' table (images/links) that appears on every page, thereby removing the ability for people to select a langauge.

2. Use the 3 domains to store data in the db, by language:

* Domain1 - use English
* Domain2 - use German
* Domain3 - use Spanish

this gives the client the flexibility to change the content for each domain, to some degree at least.

3. Run the 'domain_check.php' include and set the "language_id" appropriately.

4. Modify the admin sections, where the languge appears, change to domain name descriptons.

5. Somehow work out a method, if a user is on 'domain1' (English content), to STOP them doing this:


My point there is to stop the query parameter 'language' from altering any content, this can only be set by checking the domain, then setting the language (all internal and not user driven).

Can anyone see any potential problems with doing this please ??