Hi, fellow SitePoint members! first posting for me, so go easy

Subscribe Popup if visitor does Not Subscribe or Disable Popup

I was interested in how I would do this? I assume I will need cookies to do this, but I am unsure how or what code should be on the 2 pages..

Here's an example scenario of what I mean:

1. visitor clicks on a link at "content_page1.htm"

2. opens "subscribe_popup.htm" and than "index.html" both in new windows.

Note: "subscribe_popup.htm" has a popup message asking them to subscribe via a text form & a check box option to disable the popup from reoccuring until 3 more days

If visitor submits their email address, "subscribe_popup.htm" will not show ever again.

Note: "index.html" should load in a new window regardless

and, ..if I use this on all my content page links, is there a easy way to embed it into all my content pages?

Anyone have code for this for each of these pages? Greatly appreciated! Thanks!