i'm trying to strip out tags from form input so that i don't have problems later on with backslashes and quotation marks and semi-colons and stuff, but i can't seem to get it to work.
i've used strip_tags, stripslashes and even stripcslashes. but everytime i purposly add backslashes or less/greater than chars, or +, =, and even (, ), the string gets passed through to the next part of the script.

maybe i'm just not putting the statement in the right place. where should it go? before or after any other error-checking? etc.....

i'm using this:
$uname = strip_tags ( $uname );
i'd like to use it to strip unwanted tags from the whole form, but i.... ..don't.. .....know.. ...hoooowww...

should i just use somthing like this instead?

$uname = ereg_replace('<([^>]|\n)*>', '', $uname);
ohh, i need some sleep.......
help, my brain is melting.