I'm having trouble making my page in flash have an intro and outro sequence and still go to the page that the user selected. Here's an example.

Ok, all pages usually have an intro sequence right. But some sites I see have pages that have an intro and outro then comes the intro of the page you selected. How is this done without making a transition of each page to each page? If that makes any since.

I know how to make the timeline jump to different frames to get to different pages (just disappear with no outro) but how do you make the movie clip play out then at the end of it know what menu item the user selected then go to that page and play it's intro.

I've tried putting a variable on the main timeline then on each button doing an onRelease variable= XYZ. Then having an if statement on the last frame of the movie clip saying if variable=XYZ gotoandstop on XYZ but it's not working for some reason.

If anybody has the solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it if they could help me with this problem. Thanks