Ok, I have a database called faq which has two tables:



What i want is to display something like this:

Category 1's Name
- FAQs in this category
-More FAQs in this toopic

Category 2's Name
-FAQs in the category
-More FAQs in the category


How would i do this... BTW, i only want to show the titles of the FAQs. They link to listing.php which shows a list of every FAQ in a topic.

So if Category 1 had an ID of 1 then in listing the url is: listing.php?id=1.

Each, faq has the <a name="$id"></a> and the links to each individual Faq have <a href="#1">$question</a>

can anyone body help me to do this? I only need the first page done. The one display all categories with their FAQs under each other.