With the risk of starting yet another flaming war, I'm curious as to what is the most Stable PHP Framework there is.

I do not mean what do you consider the 'best' or 'up and coming'.

I'm wandering what would be considered by many to be the most stable. To justify what I mean, we can look at the Java world.

Some can argue that Struts 1.1 is the most stable in JSP/Servlet world. Yet some will argue that SpringFramework is the best, although Spring may not be as stable in some circles.

Spending time going over some PHP frameworks over the past few weeks, and diving into some code, there have been some very nice frameworks built out there. But I'm finding that some do not seem to be very consistent.

We are looking to PHP to develop with over Java and I see alot of this is great vs this other one.

I am not looking for the perfect solution, I'm aware there is no 100% bug free components, we are looking for some suggestions.