hi all

id like to hopefully get a somewhat straight answer or your thoughts on the following-

me and some freinds are going to be splitting the costs on a 56 k dedicated server for games.It has a 8.4 gig hard drive and 51 gigs transfer a month before costs rise.it costs 99 a month.If youve seen sites like planet half-life or halflife.net or planet quake ect,,,is alot of what im going to be doing/am doing but much more specialized and geared toward developers.i plan on targetting my affilates to the proper readers and such.having subdomains,actually virtual domains and offering alot more to developers through my site than these sites do but on a smaller basis intially.

sites like these.can you say they actually bring in a substantial cash flow?

id actually like to hear if some of you do this full time or not or actual earnings for a month.ill be using affilates at first.

So it basically boils down to does it seem worth it to the majority of you running content sites and affilates or renting your ad banner space?either full time or part time.

id really love to know if this internet stuff is even worth it.I know its alot of hard work and you have to know your subject and a web site is never done.I dont personally mind in fact i like the work but "REALLY" is it worth it?

maybe one of the site point owners could answer this for me.Email me if ya dont wanna post but id really like to know.please

thanx for responding