Hi there,

I've written a combined Javascript/PHP application which allows a user to do some price calculation for magazine adds. Everything works fine except the back (zurück) option on the result page.

What I would like to achieve is that when a user goes back to the first page that his/her selection of the cities is still available. All items that have been selected are in the right hand box. This list is again empty when they return to this page via the "history.go(-1)" link.

The page is in dev status and in german, but it is very easy to understand, so it shouldn't be any problem for you guys. The javascript code can be seen in the source code on the first page. The left list is filled with a mySQL statement in the first place.

Of course I can to some PHP workaround by evaluating the submitted variables, but this would be much more work. I want to know if there is an easier approach?

"Wiederholungen" means repetition. Please just enter a number there

The link to view the application is http://ihk.digital4u.de.

Thanks for any input,

bets rgerads,