Hi guys,

Thought some of you flash people would be interested in talking to this guy. He emailed me looking for someone to help him on a project, and I don't know enough about doing flash to be of any use to him.

So, I figured I'd pass this along so somebody could maybe make a buck, or two helping this guy with his project.

Here's the email he senty me...
Hi there Rockrz.

I hope you don't mind me writing to you via The Laughingbird Software forum. I'm emailing all the members of the forum.

I have a quick question.

I'm in need of a Flash animation expert for a new project I'm working on. If you know of anybody that you could put me in touch with, I'd be interested in speaking with them.

I need a Flash Cartoonist. Somebody who knows Flash inside and out, and who loves cartooning!

have them email me: marc1@thelogocreator.com
If they have any sample animations, perhaps you can ask them to have some handy.

Thanks for your time!
Hope all is well.

- Marc

Marc "Laughingbird" Sylvester
Creator of The Logo Creator software