I'm trying to load different java applets with a click of a button ... but with no success. Here's my code:
<APPLET name="IpixViewer" code="IpixViewer.class" archive="IpixViewer.jar" width="350" height="240" codebase="http://localhost/ipix/test">
<PARAM NAME="url" VALUE="http://localhost/ipix/ipix3/entrance_hires.ipx"> 
<PARAM NAME="toolbar" VALUE="on"> 
<param name="Spin" value="on">
<PARAM NAME="spinspeed" VALUE="10"> 
// form button to change the applet
<input type="button" value="Another one" onClick="document.IpixViewer.setURL('http://localhost/ipix/ipix1/livingroom_hires.ipx')">
Any help, greatly appreciated.