I've begun to use php/MYSQL with Dreamweaver MX with a remote production server. (dial-up modem)

Learning recently how important setting up a local testing server can be...I want to install locally a Linux/Apache/phpmyadmin for testing.

However here's the problem. I just set up Drive Image 7 not knowing that it would "error" upon detecting that there is a server present on primary drive. So I can't backup images of the entire drive once the testing server is in place.

I have heard I can re-partition the primary hard drive (partition magic, that will maintain the present data) before installing the server, to setup a dual operating system. Then, I must run (1) operating system visible while the (1) other operating system is hidden for booting purposes, etc. This will allow me to at least create backup images of the primary operating system and files to a slave drive.

So best case a windows-based backup solution like Drive Image 7 will give(which I've come to know as a workstation solution, not enterprise) -- is a backup of OS and files, but no server info. (backup MYSQL tables on removeable media, which will have to be duplicated manually onto remote site. though I will not have backup of testing server -big problems if drive crashes)

What is the simplest, best and most economical way to configure the LAMP testing server with a non-enterprise backup solution in a way that: operating system, files, and possibly server can be backed up or imaged to a slave drive? (no bootstrap please)