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    Page shows certain items, then it doesnm't randomly

    I am running into a very strange problem. I have a site that I made some changes to a couple days ago. Well, whenever I have accessed it, it shows the reflected changes and options. The owner of the site was having problems so I came to check it out. Well, it worked just fine when I did, but to be sure, I cleared the cache and history. Then went back and it still was fine. Then we did a restart and when I went back, sure enough, the old stuff was still there. For example, I created a text box in the content management system I created. The text box is for "specials" to be typed in. Well, on my end, you could see the text box and do whatever. Plus, the name of the basket was a certain way.

    However, while on the owners laptop (who uses a wireless connection), she would see the new changes, (specials and all) and then when she would go back after a restart, it showed NO specials text box and the wrong names of the products.

    This seemed like a classic case of Cache issues, but I have cleared the cache and restarted the cpu.

    Any help on this issue?

    For example, if you were to go to my gift basket webpage in my signature, the front page should have 3 baskets on the left, and they SHOULDN"T have prices in them. They should just be names. Well, on my side of this connection, as of right now, they are showing the prices (aka specials). I had created that extra text box so the specials wouldn't have to be included in the name of the basket. This is driving me insane.


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    Try putting this in your <HEAD> </HEAD> tags:

    <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache" />

    It does sound like a cache problem. Very weird.


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