I'm opening a free web host soon and have decided to provide MySQL support. The database would be used mostly for setting up forums and banner rotators. The question is how to do this. I'm new to MySQL and don't have much experience. From what I gather (from a simple tutorial) it would go something like this:

mysql -u root -p

mysql> create database example;

mysql> use example;

mysql> grant usage
on example
to webuser@localhost;

mysqladmin -u webuser oldpassword newpassword

This should create a user named 'webuser' with the password 'newpassword'. His database should be named 'example' and located at 'localhost'.

Now I most likely messed up somewhere, so if someone could point it out, I'd be thankful. Also, if anyone has a better way of a free web host supplying MySQL access to it's users let me know.
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