Hello, I'm currently working on my first PHP script, a basic news script. Currently I'm just using a .txt file for a database, but I'd like to switch to MySQL for obvious reasons.

You can check out the script here: http://www.flare-designs.com/php/new...interface.html

I'd like to add the following to my script:

a) A list function, where on the news_interface.html it'd have a list of all my posts in a field.

b) From this field, I'd like to be able to select and then delete news posts.

c) Use MySQL as a database.

My script funtions liks this:

Simple form on news_interface.html, each field associates with a variable. The variable values are stored in a file called common.php. When you hit submit on the news_interface.html, it uses news_action.php as it's action script, and posts the news to a .txt file.

Any help you could provide would truely help me on my quest of PHP knowledge!