I've put up 4 tiny pages that show the differences between how NS and IE display fonts when using CSS. Even the main Sitepoint page displays slightly differently (verdana font is slightly smaller in NS).

Of course, <font size="1"> displays exactly the same in both browsers but CSS px & pt do not (depending on the size).


Any thoughts or discussion would be appreciated. To see the differences clearly - resize the windows with both browsers next to each other (or above). Not sure how best to proceed. What a pain!

Not to mention that fonts are smaller still in MAC! Luckily, the new Imacs have arial and verdana!!

One other brief question - many people mention using NS4.7. Isn't this just the Communicator version while the actual version of Navigator is still just 4.08?

George (PC 15", 800x600, IE5.5, NS 4.08)