I've created this new site this week and I bumped up to some problems(again
). The adress is http://planetfeyenoord.port5.com.

When you view the site in IE it looks just fine but when I open it in Netscape I get those white lines al over my page, which probably have to do with the tables I use. It's ugly so I really don't want them. When I look at other sites that are using tables, I don't see those lines.

Also, as you should have noticed, the images don't work...

If you want me to post the source just reply this message and ask me.

My second 'problem' is this:

When I add news to the Page the middle field (can't find the right word) gets longer but the two fields at the sides stay as long as they were, I would like to know how I can get them to get just as long without messing up the sizes of the 'sectors' I've already created, what I mean is just to get a long blue field next to the middle one. I hope you know what I mean.

The last question is the following,
In Netscape the links don't change colors when you go over them, I thought that CSS worked in both Netscape an IE, what went wrong??

Thanks alot already guys,

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