here is my code:

if (!isset($page)) $page = 0;
echo "<font size='3' ><P>".$bits[1]."</p></font>";
echo "<font size='2' ><P><b>".$bits[0]."</b></p></font>";
echo( "<font size='2'><P>$bits[2]</p></font>" );

if ($page < count($textarray) - 1) {
$nextpage = $page + 1;
echo("&nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?aid=$aid&page=$nextpage\">$bits[0]</A>"); }


As you can see, i split pages and get titles and chapter names. $bits[0] is the title for the current page. As you can see lower, $nextpage is $page + 1.

Now below that you can see:
... $nextpage\">$bits[0]</A>"); } ...

Where is says $bits[0] i really need it to say next pages $bits[0]. How would i do this. I tried

$bits[0][$nextpage] and $bits[0[$nextpage]] however both don't work.

Does anyone know how to do this?