I am presently in the process of revamping our website and wondering where experienced/pro webmasters prefer to place the linked menu files from their index.html page. For example our site is set up with only index.html and associated graphic wallpaper etc files in the main directory. Menu links go to a sub directory with related files kept in this directory. For example if someone clicks to look at Landscape paintings the url is artbyjudy.com/landscapes/landscapes.html. Is this the prefered way or is it better for landscapes.html to be in the main directory and link items viewed from this page to a seperate directory?

While I find it a lot tidier to keep all related items in their respective folders the reason I am considering this is so if I want to submit seperate urls to search engines for different categories of the site they are not so bulky. For the floral category it would be artbyjudy.com/florals.html instead of artbyjudy.com/florals/florals.html I would also place an index.html file in the florals directory which redirected to florals.html in the main directory in case the .html was left of and to avoid people getting the florals directory files list.

Maybe there are even better methods that I am not aware of.